Teach a Class at Randolph County Senior Center

Do you have a talent, a specific skill, or knowledge in a particular area that you would like to share with others in your local community? At Randolph County Senior Center, we are always looking for volunteer teachers. We are interested in adding new and creative classes and activities to share with our members. If you have an idea that you would like to share with our leadership team, be sure to contact us at: (304) 636-4747, or fill out our online Teach a Class Form.

Volunteer Teacher for Seniors

As a volunteer teacher for our seniors, you will be able to interact with and share your knowledge directly to enrich the lives of our seniors. Volunteers enjoy the experience and the ability to engage with our seniors, who are interested in a wide range of subjects. Seniors have time available to dedicate to learning skills and knowledge that will enrich their lives. With minimal time limitations, maximum scheduling flexibility makes it easy to share, socialize, and provide a positive experience for our seniors. No matter how much time you have available to share, we appreciate it. No formal teaching certification or experience is necessary, just a standard background check. Come as you are and share with our seniors! Thank you for giving.