Activities and Classes Specifically
Designed With Our Seniors in Mind

Join Us at Randolph County Senior Center in Elkins, WV!

At Randolph County Senior Center, we have a wide variety of daily, weekly, and monthly events and activities. Our members are a lively bunch of individuals who participate in games, crafts, educational classes, and more. If you are looking for a fun group of people to hang out with and play some pool, our billiards team meets most days for fun. If you enjoy crafting, our many talented members will gladly welcome you to their group to create a wide variety of new projects. We have many locally famous crafters and even host an opportunity for the public to purchase crafted items throughout the year at Forest Festival and Christmas Events.

Enjoy Our Library, Music, Tai Chi Classes & Socialization in Elkins

Would you like to learn to play an instrument? Our very popular Dulcimer class is sure to put a smile on your face. Our members have learned to make their own Dulcimers and play them, as well. If you enjoy reading a good book, our well stocked library is sure to have something that will catch your eye. If you are looking for some physical activity, our T’ai Chi and Exercise for Arthritis classes have helped many members get exercise while learning something new and making great friends. If you are simply looking for a great group of people to socialize with, well you will not find a greater group of seniors than our regulars here at Randolph County Senior Center. We encourage you to stop by, take a tour, talk to some of our members, and see what you think for yourself. If you have any questions or would like to talk to a staff member, be sure to give us a call at (304) 636-4747, or fill out our online contact form.

Check out our full list of activities below. Be sure to check out our calendar of events for all our regularly scheduled activities and classes as well as monthly and special events. There is always something fun happening at RCSC!

Regularly Scheduled Classes
and Events at Randolph County Senior Center

Physical Activity:

We all know how important it is to keep up with an exercise program and at RCSC we strive to provide fun and entertaining classes that are specifically geared toward our seniors. Our classes are perfect for both the beginner and experienced individual. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you enhance your health and well-being and will help you every step of the way.

T’ai Chi and Exercise for Arthritis Classes in Elkins, WV

T’ai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts. Because of its slow and graceful movements, it is also a gentle form of exercise with significant health benefits, especially for seniors. While no specific benefits are claimed, practitioners have noticed that they have experienced improvements in balance and flexibility, increases in breathing capacity and mental focus, relief in knee and back pain, and decreases in stress and anxiety. The Randolph County Senior Center offers T’ai Chi classes three times a week at no charge to its members. Consult with your doctor, therapist, or health care practitioner about the possible benefits for you. Then, join us to experience the joy of T’ai Chi. We also offer an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Class to help you remain active.

Educational Opportunities:

At Randolph County Senior Center in Elkins, we strive to continually bring new educational classes and activities to our area seniors. Continuing to learn new things throughout all stages of life is valuable to every individual’s well-being and quality of life. We often host classes on a wide variety of educational topics. Some past classes have included: computer skills, technology, defensive driving, safe banking, and more. We are always looking for qualified individuals willing to teach a single class, series of classes, or weekly class to our senior members. If you are someone who would like to teach a class on an education topic, please click on the link provided for more information.

Teach a Class

Computer Lab
Randolph County Senior Center provides access to our computers with internet connection to all members. Computers and internet are available all day, every day, during regular hours. We strongly feel that our area seniors need to have access and education on digital technology and often provide classes on various technology topics. We are happy to provide some of the computers, including the ones at the Mill Creek and Harman Nutrition Sites, through the support of the Snowshoe Foundation.

We are proud of the small library that our community has helped us create. All our books have been donated by various organizations throughout the local community. Members may borrow books for free.

Book Sale Nook
We do sell our books at reasonable rates to anyone, member or non-member, to raise money for Alzheimer’s patients. If you have books you would like to donate, or if you would like to browse our selection of books to purchase, please stop by during regular hours.

Bible Study
If you are looking for a weekly Bible Study group to join so you can spend time with fellow Believers who enjoy learning about the Bible as much as you do, then look no further than our Tuesday morning Bible Study Group. You are sure to enjoy great fellowship, great experiences, and great friends.

Monthly Book Club
Each month, the book lovers of RCSC get together to enjoy a delicious sweet treat with coffee while we discuss several books that we have all read. If you enjoy reading and socializing with good friends with good dessert and coffee, then be sure to join in each month as we give our thumbs up, thumbs down, and blah book reviews. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Are you a music lover? Have you always wanted to learn more about playing an instrument? At RCSC, we have opportunities for you to do just that. We have members who have musical experience and members who are learning for the first time. Whether you are an expert musician or just starting on this fun new journey, be sure to stop by for one of our music classes. We look forward to seeing you. We are always looking for qualified individuals who would like to teach a music class, a series of classes, or a weekly class to our area seniors. If you would like to speak to someone about teaching, be sure to call us at: (304) 636-4747, or click on the link below for more information.

Teach a Class

Beginner Dulcimer
Regular Dulcimer
Hammer Dulcimer

Creative Arts Classes in Elkins, WV

Randolph County Senior Center Members are some of the most talented artists and craftspeople in Randolph County. Using the wealth of knowledge from inside our own center, we offer various classes on knitting, crocheting, and weaving. We have hosted various other classes such as painting, drawing, watercolor, and crafting from special guests and area experts. We have a large craft area with all necessary equipment. If you love crafting or would like to learn more, be sure to stop by during regular hours.

Knitting ClassesCrocheting ClassesWeaving Classes

Seasonal Quilt Group
We are proud that some of the women work together seasonally to create a quilt, which is then auctioned at our Forest Festival Bazaar. Each year, some of our veteran quilters (and sometimes a few newcomers) form a quilting bee group and create a quilt that is auctioned off during the Festival. Hours of labor go into making a beautiful display of craftsmanship. Proceeds from the auction go towards helping individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and expanding our craft area.

We have various crafting programs throughout the year. We also have some supplies in our activities area for your enjoyment. Senior crafters who are members of the RCSC make and have the opportunity to sell their crafts at the Center during the annual bazaars.

Games and Misc Activities

Card Shop
Various organizations throughout the Elkins, WV community, as well as individual people, donate cards to our card shop. The cards are on sale at the card shop for $0.10/card. All proceeds from the cards go to purchase craft supplies for the activities area.

At Randolph County Senior Center, we love to have fun with good friends. We strive to create an enjoyable environment for you to experience a wide variety of games and activities. Some are organized, while others are member-driven (and we encourage you to form new game and activity groups!). We hope you come and check out all the great things we have planned for you. Newcomers are always welcomed with open arms. Come visit us for a tour, stay for lunch, make some new friends, and enjoy yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

Pente Game
Board Games
Card Games

Our pool tables are available every day, all day long. It is not hard to find some friends to get a good game of billiards started. Our regular members have formed a billiards club in recent years. Newcomers are welcome, as well as other members of all skill levels.

Board and Card Games
Our selection of board and card games is always available at RCSC. These and much more are available in our activities room.

Seasonal Parties and Events for Seniors in and Near Elkins, WV

Seasonal Parties
The dedicated staff members at Randolph County Senior Center plan seasonal parties and events throughout the year. Here we are all family, and finding things to celebrate together comes naturally. Please check our activities calendar for our full list of activities. We also publish our activities and special events in our monthly newsletter. Feel free to stop by anytime to find out what new things we have planned. We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to our family.